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UnScene will create a professional music video using our production studio and editing systems for your band AND then we feature it on our DVD. It's that simple.
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Welcome to UnScene TV. UnScene TV features not only big names, but many underground and/or undiscovered musicians, artists, writers, businesses, directors and anything else interesting (such as the woman who was almost killed by David Berkowitz).

The expected release of the first DVD is October 2004. Prices will be low and wholesale will be an option.

What we are looking to do is create a system that exposes as much underground talent as possible through an umbrella effect.

For example: If five bands are featured on the DVD and sell the DVD to their fans because they are on it...that means the four other undiscovered bands in the "Scene" are now "Seen" by a wider audience because of that one band. In addition all of the writers, actors, designers and businesses on that particular DVD are also being seen by more people than before.

To submit VHS or DV tapes, please fill out our SubmitForm and send them to:

UnScene TV
PO BOX 406
Pine Brook, NJ 07058

For more information please email: